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6th-Jul-2010 09:09 pm - T_T
It has come to my attention that some packages DID NOT reach anyone.

I'm going to wait a bit until the more large orders reach some people (since some of you opted for surface). I sent 3 things to 3 friends in the Asia area and it arrived 1-2 months later... which I thought it was weird. American and Canadian orders should be no excuse.

Shortly I will contact those who might be in favor of a refund.

My mistake is failing to update the sent list - I thought I could just wait for people to contact me if their orders came.

I actually only have about 5 orders to send... but I think I will hold it off until I talk to the post office. I'm glad for the ones that made it to the people who ordered.

I deeply apologize. It was my lack of preparations of organizing this big sale. So very sorry. I'll have it solved as soon as possible.

BAWWW some of you guys are soooo nice ;_; Thankyou for your understanding ;__;

I'm serious, after this, I'm not doing any kind of sending for a long LONG time. This is why I did not accept to send out DRRR prints to people when it sold out at AX. I was afraid of it not getting to you guys. I'm so so sorry ;_; Also, I lost a lot of money out of this. Some packages that were sent in February, some people have not gotten it. This is sad because all the packages, I paid extra shipping on. I didn't ask for more money to foot it, I did it myself and paid. So this doesn't make me feel good. At all.

I'm going through the list again slowly to make sure. There are some of you who didn't even tell me if you got your package yet or not. ...  I'm hoping it's there safe.

This is making me crazy. I apologize to many of you who have to put up with me.
19th-Jun-2010 04:07 pm - Sales
I really apologize for the sales shipping!

A box from Japan is coming in about a couple of days and I already know there are some things I'm gonna give away in there.
Those who paid and their packages not shipped out yet will get extra goodies. Every one of you!!!

So sorry again~
I'll be doing a massive reply soon on the sales post to update on those who are on hold if they still want it or not~ Shipping changes will be applied. Considering what happened, I'm sorry it has to be upped ;_;
After a bit, I'll count up the Reborn books and donate those to the Red Cross :D

Thankyou again guys for the patience!
I am so so so so dead.
Well I know very well it's my fault. Such a bad bad bad person, go me.
I hate myself soooo much.

I've been really busy and just arghhhhh
I'm so sorry for late replies. And everything else. I'll make a post on the sales and reply to people after I come back from Fanime.. which means in about a little over a week. I'm sooo sorry. -_- I know I'll have the money to cover up everything (the shipping). Very sorry ;_;

Just a few hours ago, my dad complained of pain and coldness and .... I'm such a bad daughter, I don't even know what symptoms are for what... like since mom and dad are like on 12 pills a day. Anyway mom called for the ambulance and uh... a firetruck and 2 friggin ambulances came.... wtf.... she told the operator on the phone that it's just... his symptoms.. they sent overkill.... I had to answer the door to 2 policemen;; but yah anyway. Mom called and said that dad's heart muscles are weak and can't pump blood to his heart. Well he had a heart attack before... right now he's asleep and will stay at the hospital over night. I'm so annoyed at everything that when he was feeling ill, he yelled at me because I couldn't find the phone... so I got mad at him instead of worrying. I'll apologize when he comes back.

Just things like this makes me wonder ya know? Mom and dad have very bad health and they really want to see me succeed in life and like.. have babies. They are dying to be grandparents. I think this is the first time I succumbed to that thought and think somehow, I need to meet more people and see if I'll like anybody. Then have babies. Cuz if anything happens to them, at least my parents will be satisfied and I won't feel guilty for the rest of my life. The thing is though... it's VERY VERY hard for me to like someone. it's because I really don't care for a relationship right now. I'm happy with where I am and I'm not like some other girls who needs some guy to hold them or whatever. My elementary/middle school/highschool crush was 1 GUY. The same guy (I liked him so much I walked into a wall looking at him). I brushed off so many advances it's because I don't have feelings for them on my side... don't wanna start anything one-sided. Am I doomed for life or what. I'm just very devoted to my works now. BUT. I'm not even doing a good job for something many people dreamed of working on. A lot of people deserve this more than me.

Haha just a quote I found on the internets:

Nobody stays a virgin!
Life fucks everyone.

Gunna stay quiet on the net til I 'm cleared of certain works.
over and out

edit: I'm so avoiding LOST spoilers. Gunna marathon it (I think I need to go through S5) when I get time to and I'm not going to abide to when my bro will be home just because he stays over at his gf's. I'll totally watch it by myself. hmph. When the time comes, I'm going to avoid the net for FMA spoilers (the anime). I'll probably be a dick when it comes to anybody spoiling me for that, so I'll be the one to go offline. Out of all anime I watch, this is the only anime I CARE IF I GET SPOILED. I'll go King Bradley on your ass. Or something.
5th-May-2010 05:48 pm - Birthday Post!

Just when I was getting depressed that I was getting older, people just come and surprise me with their thoughtfulness. I feel so very lucky to be blessed with everyone's comments and gifts! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!


We went to a Japanese restaurant for all-you-can-eat for my bday!
I already knew what cake I was getting since I requested it xDD

Green Tea Red Bean Bavarian Cake

(Green Tea Sponge Cake + Red Bean Paste + Green Tea Bavarian Cream + Green Tea Chocolate Film )
The juu roku sai is a Gankutsuou joke my sis and I have with each other xD

The surprise came at the end of dinner!!! And the other gifts I got!!! ;____;!!Collapse )
I'm so sad, I'm so busy and there are mishaps here and there, I'll do my best for everything!!

hehe. sooo happy.
20th-Mar-2010 01:21 pm - Sales Update

I apologize for the late late replies and sending of the packages ;_;
Last time's miscalculations of shipping was really unexpected, coupled with the delay of paypal transfers just made everything go not as well as I hoped it to ;_;

For people who have paid and I haven't sent yet, I will try to add more goodies as an apology.
For those who are still waiting for a reply, I need to get through this week's deadlines before I can take on more orders.

Thankyou so much for everyone's support!
After I close the sales, I will let everyone know how much is going to the Canadian Red Cross! There have been more earthquakes as of late (why Mother Earth;;;), and I hope this will help even a little to the heroes who are going to aid those in need.
11th-Mar-2010 01:43 am - xD
Juby, JC, I couldn't reply to you!!! LOL

AWWW thanks for the messages luvs~~~


22nd-Feb-2010 12:18 pm - Hey
About salesCollapse )

I got this meme from Maiki~ it looked fun!

1 - Go to Wikipedia. Hit "random" or click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random.
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to Quotations Page and select "random quotations" or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote on the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to Flickr and click on “explore the last seven days” or click
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.

My album x_ x Collapse )

Doesnt really make any sense... oh well LOL But it looks like a calm type of album?lol

So. Lately ....
It has been such a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. For 2 months already. It can't keep on going because deadlines start again. Things just happened on and offline, life is just very annoying right now.

What I collected from requests and gifts ^^!Collapse )

Wow finally AB art from me;;
Also, whenever I put the LJ link icon of a person's journal, my entry ALWAYS MESSES UP. I'm already dealing with the cut problem I have too.. I'll look more into troubleshoot ;;;
17th-Feb-2010 01:52 pm - update
Those who ordered from me can keep track here~

I still need to sort out the Area27 ones, please wait for an email from me!! ;_;
5th-Feb-2010 09:08 pm - urk
Sorry for the spam.

sales post click click if interested

Reborn doujinshis etc etc

Also, everyone's previous orders are set aside. Most is sold out (all on hold atm)~ thanks all!
I will get to working on the emails! I think I have about 40 orders atm, so I have to notify some of those who couldn't get their books.
I'll do it soon! SOOO sorry for the wait! I'm working on sales right now so everything will be done.
If you want to add onto your order, do tell me about it.

The A4 illust book purchases will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross - Haiti Relief Funds :D
(the previous order's illust book purchases will be included as well~!)

Thankyou for your patience!
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